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ConditionOur PricePicture
Hemingray 20[010]CD165ClearVNM$3.00None
Whitall Tatum No 5[030]CD165.1Light AquaVNM$5.00
Owens Illinois[020]CD167ClearVVNM$6.50
Hemingray D510[120]CD168ClearVNM$2.50None
Whitall Tatum No 4[010]CD169Light AquaVNM$4.50
Hemingray 660[040]CD219ClearVNM$5.00None
Hemingray 670[090]CD220ClearVNM$8.00
Hemingray D512[090]CD230clearVNM$3.50None
Hemingray D513[040]CD232Light StrawVNM$8.00
Pyrex 63[010]CD234ClearVNM$2.00None
Hemingray 514[010]CD238Green TintVNM$8.50
Kimble 830[030]CD239ClearVNM$5.00None
Hemingray 66[010]CD242Hemi BlueBase Damage$225.00
Base Damage
TH-9200[010]CD245aquaa couple flea bites$75.00
No 2 Cable[005]CD252Dark AmberVNM$400.00
No 2 Cable[005]CD252GreenVNM$45.00
No 2 Cable[005]CD252Blue Aquavery small base nick Otherwise VNM$8.00
No 2 Cable[005]CD252Dark Olive greenVNM$100.00
No 2 Cable[005]CD252medium olive greenVNM$95.00
No 2 Cable[010]CD252light greenvNM$20.00
No 2 Cable[010]CD252aqua (WHITTLE MOLD)vNM$50.00
No 2 Cable[010]CD252BluevNM
ins on right
No 2 Cable[010]CD252AquavNM
ins on left
No 2 Cable[010]CD252StrawvNM$35.00
No 2 Cable[010]CD252Steel Blue VioletVNM$450.00
Gayner 620[010]CD252AquaVNM
ins on left
Gayner 620[010]CD252Blue Aquabase chip on side
ins on right
Hemingay 62
(note spelling)
[010]CD252Blue AquaVNM$25.00None
Hemingay 62
(note spelling)
[010]CD252ice blueVNM$25.00None
Hemingray 62[020]CD252Blue AquaVNM
1 drip chipped
Hemingray 62[040]CD252Flashed AmberVNM$75.00
Hemingray 62[110]CD252Light Pink tintVVNM$12.00
Hemingray 62[110]CD252Flashed AmberVNM$75.00
Hemingray 62[230]CD252Blue AquaVNM
ins on left
Hemingray 62[230]CD252Ice BlueVNM
ins on right
Knowles No 2 cable[030]CD252greenISC otherwise vNM ins on right$55.00
Knowles No 2 cable[030]CD252bluesmall flake off between june and 17
otherwise vNM
Lynchburg No 2 cable
backwards trademark
Lynchburg No 2 cable[030]CD252aquavNM$15.00None
Maydwell 62[010]CD252Light greenVNM
ins on right
Maydwell 62[010]CD252StrawVNM
ins on left
Maydwell 62[010]CD252Gingerale1 drip chipped
ins on right
McLaughlin 62[010]CD252Emerald Green1 drip chipped otherwise VNM
ins on right
McLaughlin 62[010]CD252Light GreenVNM
ins on left
McLaughlin 62[020]CD252Blue AquaVNM
ins on left
McLaughlin 62[020]CD252Light Cornflower blueVNM
ins on right
McLaughlin 62[020]CD252Light Green1 drip chipped otherwise VNM
ins on left
McLaughlin 62[020]CD252sage greeninner skirt chip
ins on right
McLaughlin 62[020]CD252Blue Aqua
Actually Turqoise
base chip affects 7 drips
2 smaller chips 1 drip each
Prism[020]CD252Bluechip on inside rear ear
otherwise VNM
Armstrong 511a[010]CD272Dark Root beer amberVNM$10.00
Whitall Tatum Co 511a[005]CD272ClearVNM$4.00None
Hemingray 75[020]CD302Hemingray Blue1/2 crack under the ND in date and 1 drip chipped$60.00

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